Zak Abel “Everyone Needs Love”


With great promises and excitement around the new single “Everyone needs love” by Atlantic records newly signed artist Zak Abel, Zak’s Team wanted to make a personal and original video to go with this hit song.


Supple entertained the idea of making it into one single routine. Inspiring the directors at rehearsals, they decided to take his influence and commit into making it a one shot video. Atlantic Records and the management team were really excited in taking the risk and producing this brave, edgy music video.


Being extremely pleased with Supple’s creative Zak’s management approached Supple, to build Zak’s stage presence and confidence at his very own press release performance at the famous Hoxton, “Bar and Kitchen”. Supple worked with Zak for two, days artisticly directing and loosely choreographing Zak’s performance for all his live events.


Choreographer: Supple Nam
Artist: Zak Abel