Trainline App Advert “Get Free Ride Happy”


Black Sheep Studios an extension of BBH agency approached international choreographer Supple Nam to choreograph the new Trainline advert “Get Free Ride Happy”. Client Trainline wanted to rebrand and excite their customers with an edgy concept. With the aiming to reaching out to more of its young consumers. Agency BBH took the job with its new extended arm in production Black Sheep Studios.


Rehearsing in Bulgaria with dance talent Page Barrington Bobb, Supple Nam choreographed a parkour, hip hop, jazz routine on the train gorilla style to try to get the understanding of the geography and movement of the train as it moved. After seeing the rehearsal videos, director Courtney Orange pushed to the client to see if the whole commercial could be edited in as little cuts as possible.


With everyone excited about the shoot, Supple, Courtney and DP Ben Fordsman pushed for the one shot sequence to make the edit.


Choreographer: Supple Nam
Director: Courtney Phillips

Production: Black Sheep Studios
Client: Trainline


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