Tei-Shi “Say You Do”


Supple Nam was asked to choreograph Tei Shi music video for her new single “Say You Do”. With his hectic schedule and time constraint he asked to see if he could collaborate with another choreographer. Listening to the music and reading the directors brief, he put forward 3 choreographers to production, management and record label so he could develop his idea and style of movement for the video.


While overseas Supple prepped the choreography and started corresponding his notes and ideas with Anna Engerstrom, a London based dancer/choreographer via video calls and emails. Giving her the freedom to expand and explored his choreography.


Supple flew back to London for the rehearsals to finish the choreograph with Anna. With its space restrictions and environment of most of the dance in a limousine Supple dived in to make the most of it giving it a quirky edgy spin to the choreography and with Anna’s fresh eye the collaboration has been a success.


Choreographer: Supple Nam & Anna Engerstrom
Director: Bradley and Pablo

Production: Pulse Films
Artist: Tei-Shi