Director Pete Scott Lee and choreographer Supple Nam reunited once again on a very exciting and hilarious script by Mullen Lowe London (with the concept to revamp the Maxi pants and make it cool again) pushing the message of being comfortable in your own skin.


Granny Got Pants a parody of 1992 classic hip hop song Baby’s got Back by Sir Mix-a-Lot. The use of pun in the lyrics (rapping about why being comfortable is the new cool) and the classic funky music was the driving force of the choreography. Fusing twerking, Hip Hop Classic steps and with a fresh hip hop take, Supple took it back to his teenage years.


Pete gave Supple total freedom to choreograph as he wished, selecting 6 dancers to support his idea. Supple and Pete encouraging each other to push limits and go all the way with the idea and concept.


After successful rehearsals the choreography got pushed to be one of the two main threads that hold the ad together. (The other being the concept of a bad ass granny being loud and proud)


Pete and Supple had a ball shooting it! The agency and client loved it so much that they held the release date to a later time to push the campaign even further, submitting it to Cannes Film Festival. The 40th anniversary campaign launched the revamp of the brand’s bestselling ‘79’ Maxi Cut underwear. It was a great success and went viral upon launch taking 2019 Notting Hill Carnival Festival by storm!


Choreographer: Supple Nam
Director: Pete Scott Lee
Production: Odelay
Client: Sloggi

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