Sky is known to have big budget adverts, and with “Sky Q” launched in 2016 using actor Idris Elba. 4 years on Sky Q decided to rebrand itself to be identified as something new and exciting. The new 5 part series ‘everything you love in one place, easy’ campaign for Sky Q started in Oct 2020. Each series has its unique protagonists, using the sky remote as a portal to capture their favourite program, TV and film on Sky Q, using their imagination the films immersing it to their everyday life.


Awarding the campaign to American director Dan DiFelice from Biscuit Film UK, who worked together with Sky Creative Agency to make this an advert with an experience. Truly capturing the essence of the campaign “collect they love in one place”.


The 3rd of the 5 part series “Leon’s Night Out” is an upbeat story of an old dancer dancing and relating to all his favourite TV shows. Director Dan requested working with international award-winning choreographer Supple Nam on this project.


Working from Dan’s original script, Supple envisioned various sections of the dance to show to Dan to choose from. With nothing set in stone and things changing. Supple was scheduled to work with actor Leon for 2 days to teach him the dance and choreography of the shows selected on his advert. Covering areas to give Director Dan freedom and catch the agency’s imagination. Supple worked carefully and clearly with Leon to understand the intention and steps of each section of his advert. Supple and Leon went on to do better than expected, making the shoot a success and triumph.


Choreographer: Supple Nam
Director: Dan DiFelice

Production: Biscuit Film UK
Client: SKY Q