Poste Italiane Mobile Commercial


Multi award winning choreographer Supple Nam was flown to Italy Rome to work on a creative edgy commercial for Poste Italiane, the new mobile network product. With the competitive flexible tariff, the clients came with a brave idea to show bone breakers to the Italian nation on their new commercial.


With Supple’s enthusiasm and passion to get an amazing team he help production cast dancers from all over the world via video submission. Finally confirming bone breakers Killa and X Da Prez from L.O.U.D (USA), Cisky Strange (Italy) and Gianna G (London).


Creating and choreographing sequences and set ups to fit the script and treatment Supple also allowed the dancers to have the freedom to be creative and show their skills where possible.


Supple was pleased with the result of finding a happy medium of creativity, execution and clients approval.


Choreographer: Supple Nam

Director: Tom Haines

Production Company: Filmmaster Productions

Client: Poste Italiane


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