Orange x Apple “Rain Girl”


French production company Diplomat Paris approached choreographer Supple Nam to work with director duo team “Truman and Cooper” (Anthony and Jonathan) on the French campaign for an Apple x Orange advert 2022 “Rain Girl”. With the lead role cast in London, Supple had an introductory rehearsal with actor/dancer Lacey (9 years old) over zoom before stepping into a studio with her. With the choreography designed, developed and approved by the directors. Supple and Lacey flew to Bulgaria to shoot.


Meeting with the directors, the storyboard started being fleshed out as they discussed ideas on location. Supple altered the choreography to fit the shot and edit predictions for the advert.


The story is of a vibrant girl with a fantastic imagination wanting to live her dreams and fantasies and share them with her family (parents).


Lacey took her first advert experience full heartedly and with enthusiasm, despite the sub-zero conditions, she was lovely to work with. Supple’s and 1st AD Mark Zarka’s experience helped get Lacey in full spirits and deal with all the pressure of acting and performing in front of camera for the first time.


Choreographer: Supple Nam

Director: Truman and Cooper

Production: Diplomats
Client: Orange X Apple