Orange Commercial “Swappable”


Working on the Orange (EE – Everything Everywhere Limited) campaign, Supple Nam was challenged to deliver choreography driven by the launch concept – physically outlandish yet of a high stylistic standard.


Together with Stink, Agosto Productions and the Fallon Agency the concept of the campaign was to show the strength of the communication network represented by ninjas.


Not only did Supple Nam cast an international team of talent in the area of street dance, contemporary dance, parcour and mime, he was also consulted when workshopping costume ideas that might aid the concept.


Choreographer: Supple Nam

Director: Nacho Gayan

Production Company: Stink (UK) and Agosto (ES)

Shooting Location: Barcelona.

Featured dancers: Kofi (London), Lisa Adelle Wellham (London), Holly Vicotria Roberts (London), Kenrick Sandy “H2O” (London), Nicolaas Corneils Traa “Just Do It” (Sweden) & Hassan El Hajjami “Haspop” (France/USA)

Movement Genre