NHS “Ribbon”

With a challenging brief from the highly creative client Si&Ad (a director duo) and producer Georgina Smith, Supple Nam was approached to see if he could be brought in to choreograph an advert for a good cause. The focus of the advert is to raise awareness and encourage people to screen for bowel cancer, before it gets serious.
Aside from being for a charitable cause, the script and concept were very exciting and fun. The brief offered the opportunity to make a roll of toilet paper into a fun and heart felt ribbon dance. Si&Ad considered using CGI for the loo roll, but with Supple’s enthusiasm he explored the option of different loo rolls, props and different materials to make a ribbon dance. The story is a sad one with a happy ending, injecting hope and responsibility for one’s health.
Running around dancing with joy and expressing skill, it just worked out much better using real toilet paper. Supple and the directors took a few days to workshop moves, further developing ideas to sell the story. The casting day impressed the agency and client to have a glimpse of the potential to make their idea come to life.
Researching and exploring the loo roll to dance, Supple’s aim was to make the choreography relatable, inspiring and entertaining.
Casting Sean AugustLewis, was a natural choice as he demonstrated the spirit, ability and potential of the choreography/dance and storytelling.
With 2 1/2 days of rehearsal in the studio and part time on location. The entire shoot was full of passion all the way from Supple and the entire cast and crew!


Choreographer: Supple Nam

Production: Academy Films UK
Client: NHS