Mission Ferrari


When Frerrari World theme park in Abu Dhabi decided they wanted to wow visitors with a truly unique show. None other than the Business Creative re-approach award-winner, Supple Nam, was commissioned to choreograph and direct an aerial action stunt show on a wall. Recognised across the world as a true visionary Supple Nam went to work with the research and preparation of his ideas and the assistance of the projection mapping company Drive.


Once the concept had been signed off by the client, Supple Nam and his casting team went straight into auditioning and work-shopping aerialists, dancers, acrobats and martial artist. After a lengthy process Supple ended up going with 2 aerialists from New York and a stunt “tricker” from London. With 10 days scheduled for R&D, Supple hired 2 of the UK’s most repeatable aerialist Simon Fee and Alex Poulter. Together, they worked out different techniques to help Supple map out the entire show. Working closely with the animators, music composer, aerialist specialist’s, harness programmer, production and client, Supple tackled as much as he could before taking the show the rehearsal stage, on location in Abu Dhabi.


With an intense 6 week rehearsal schedule in Abu Dhabi, Supple and his aerial specialist Simon Fee, re-trained the talent, where Supple mapped out and completed the choreography before going to the 18m tall x 8m wide vertical wall weighing over 18 tonnes.


With over 80,000 people watching the show, and achieving national and international coverage. Critics from The National, Arts & Lifestyle, that called the shows ‘spectacular’ and ‘thrilling’ and The Huffington Post which announced that is was the launch of a ‘brand new kind of theatre’.


Ferrari World extended the run of Mission Ferrari for another 3 months. Talks of making action figures for the characters in Mission Ferrari. Everyone was very excited especially when Mission Ferrari won the 2015 Brass Spring Award for “Best Sports Show Performance Act”.


Director / Choreographer: Supple Nam

Client: Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Movement Genre