Miike Snow “My Trigger”


After the success and excitement of Miike Snow’s video “Genghis Khan”, directed by Ninian Doff and choreographed by Supple Nam (winning a D&AD award for best director and choreography). Both record label and artists management re-approached Ninian to shoot the next Miike Snow video “My Trigger”, with talk of a sequel.


Ninian’s automatic request was to get Supple Nam and the same head of all departments and same actors from “Genghis Khan” to be involved.Director Ninian Doff rattled his creative brain to finally present a unique spin on “The Cuban Missile crisis”.


Supple Nam discussed dance and choreography ideas Ninian, they started casting actors and dancers (20 show girls and 10 male actors). Sticking to the same style of choreography as Genghis Khan but taking it up a notch.


Starting rehearsals with the 2 lead actors Edward Hayes-Neary & Adam Jones, and then on the second day the 10 army general actors (non dancers), with Adam and Edward. Supple Nam rehearsed the cast on and off set on the second day of shoot with the help of his assistant Anna Engerstrom refining the 10 actors (non dancers) and teaching the 20 show girls on the day of the shoot.


Supple Nam managed to keep the spirits high, challenging the cast to deliver yet another interesting and innovative dance routine. Honouring the anticipated of Miike Snow’s follow up music video to Genghis Khan, “Pull My Trigger”.


Choreographer: Supple Nam

Director: Ninian Doff

Production: Pulse Films
Artist: Miike Snow