Miike Snow “Genghis Khan”


Multi-award winning choreographer Supple Nam was given an irresistible video treatment screaming another award by genius mastermind director Ninian Doff.


Excited about making another great project, choreographer Supple Nam worked very closely with director Ninian and producer Rik. All three invested half a day prepping for the job, discussing talent potential and casting brief and workshopping movement and choreography. The team came up with a decision to cast actors with movement/choreography potential, to get an edge and realness on the characters’ juxtaposition with a hilarious script, rather than a great dancer that could act.


With the cast selected and limited time scheduled because of budget, Supple Nam taught the complicated dance routine to both main talents in eight hours, broken into 2 half day rehearsals. Having studied the casting videos, choreographer Supple configured a catered routine to best fit and challenge the talents to their optimum. Both talents understood the value of creating something great, trusting Supple’s experience and credential.

Without an assistant on the shoot day, Supple Nam set up each scene in the vane of a stage musical set for camera. Taking in the influence of the set, camera timing, Supple Nam had to teach all the background artists (non dancers) movement direction and simple choreography.


The video has generated a strong following, where fans have reached both Ninian and Supple Nam asking of potential sequels, back stories and tips on learning the choreography. The surprise has pleased management and record label.


Choreographer: Supple Nam
Production: Pulse Films
Director: Ninian Doff
Artist: Miike Snow


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