McDonald – McNugget “Buddy Handshake”


Supple Nam was considered to be the choreographer for Director Sam Brown’s McNuggets Handshake advert. Once selected by Sam, Supple went straight to work with Casting Director Thom Hammond to help with the selftape submission. Supple’s instruction was one that took everyone into seeing handshakes from another angel. He instructed the applicants to mimic ideas of how you would snapshot action and reactions from best friends, such as sharing secrets, promises, selfies, and fun memories with simple skilful handshakes between scenarios.


The selftape submissions set the tone to witness Supple’s vision which Sam Brown and the client both approved. Supple and Sam filtered through the callbacks to then have Supple teach a short handshake to the selected few, testing intricate hand skill level as well as testing the waters with the applicants to see if they could pull off the performance.


Selecting Sharon and Reah was very obvious to Sam as they stood out in all areas.

It just so happened they both were paired at the callbacks.


Supple then prepped one more day with his assistant Will Baki where he took the handshake and time restriction to create the handshake. With little tweaks for camera purposes and storytelling the handshake routine did not change much.


Training the actors to understand the demands, Supple had them understand the level of accuracy and the camera’s perspectives. He set up various scenarios to help them overcome the pressure on the day, such as having them execute the routine, blind, with distractions and spacing.


The shoot went really smoothly and was a dream of a job with a dream team on set.

Choreographer: Supple Nam
Director: Sam Brown

Production: Rogue Films
Client: McDonalds

Movement Genre