Mars Delight “Kung Fu”


When Supple Nam was cast as Bruce Lee for the Mars Delight “Kung Fu” advert, little did Production Company ‘Outsider’ know of Supple Nam’s choreography bio. The production had not yet allocated a choreographer or fight co-ordinator for the shoot.


Producer Anna Hashmi and directors Erik Nilsson & Tomas Skoging turned to Supple to save the commercial. Taking the role of both main actor and choreographer, Supple also took on the challenge of learning to make a poodle out of a balloon to make the shot easier to edit and look authentic.


Using his martial arts and stage fighting background, Supple rehearsed the cast and himself off set the day before the shoot, to present the choreography on the day of shoot.


Choreographer: Supple Nam

Director: Erik Nilsson & Tomas Skoging

UK Production Company: Outsider

CZ Production Company: Stillking

Client: Mars UK


Movement Genre