Director Louis Bhose wrote an exciting and ambitious script where singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi fills in for his friend and does a performance at a strip club. Never having danced in any of his previous music videos, Lewis’s enthusiastic attitude towards the concept inspired producer India Bradshaw to contact acclaimed choreographer Supple Nam. With Bhose known for his narrative direction, the dance element was pivotal to the story and climax of the video.

With half a day of rehearsal with artist Lewis, Supple prepped the routine the day before and had his dancers come for a full day’s rehearsal. Working closely with Bhose, Supple understood the narrative and rejigged the routine to fit Lewis’s character and confidence level. Supple’s reputation and Lewis’s positive, professional attitude in tackling the routine, helped confirm this idea to his management and record label on the day of the rehearsal.
With a few days in between rehearsal and shoot, Lewis practiced the dance routine.
On the day of the shoot, in addition to everything else that was going on, Supple was asked to add an extra intro strip tease dance solo. In this sequence Lewis steps on stage doomed to fail, he manages to turn it around and surprises the audience with his performance supported by his own half-naked, all-male dance troupe. The comedy timing and acting combined well with the storytelling in the edit helped to make this music video both unexpected and pleasantly surprising for Lewis and his fans
Choreographer: Supple Nam
Director: Louis Bhose
Production: Agile Films
Artist: Lewis Capaldi