Kraft Heinz Baked Beans “CanSong”


With an exciting pitch to make Kraft Heinz Bake Beans a UK household must, internationally renowned multi award winning choreographer Supple Nam was approached to help create the choreography to the “Can Song” commercial.


Production Company Caviar, with director Samuel Abrahams, worked on the song with Supple Nam’s choreographic assistance. But when the musician’s rhythms weren’t making the cut, Director Samuel Abrahams instructed Supple to come up with a new, exciting rhythm, drawing from his own unique and original choreographic concepts.


After a lot of independent work and Supple’s two full days workshopping, one which Director Samuel Abrahams assisted, the unforgettable CAN SONG RHYTHM was confirmed to what you now see and hear now in the brand new commercial.


After auditioning and casting actors, musicians, dancers and models for two days, Supple was asked on the final day to put the selected potentials through their paces.


Director Samuel Abrahams was extremely excited to be working with Supple Nam. On the shoot days they worked together closely, along with the talent, DP and 1st AD, sawing and constructing all the scenes for the commercial and getting the precision of the rhythmic ‘Heinz Can Song’ choreography for each scene.


The clients, Kraft Heinz were so impressed and excited with Supple’s enthusiasm and energy, they asked him back to work on the entire promotional campaign for the “Can Song”, in supervising the choreography, rhythm and instruction video’s.


With Global, the UK’s largest commercial radio company and its stations Heart, Radio X and Capital FM on board and loving the campaign, Supple Nam is proud to present his percussive can choreography.


Choreographer: Supple Nam

Director: Samuel Abrahams

Production: Caviar

Client: Kraft Heinz Baked Beans