Joy Crookes “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now”


Producer Ghandi El-Chamaa of Compulsory films contacted Choreographer Supple Nam to work with Taz Tron Delix, a young, fresh and innovative director from London on his next music video for artist Joy Crookes. Joy has been nominated as Rising Star at the 2020 Brit Awards and short-listed by the BBC as the sound of 2020.


With all these expectations and determination, Joy Crookes artistically directed her video with the support of her management and the influence of director Taz Tron Delix. Supple Nam came on board to help with direction of movement, improving performance and choreography.


Exploring ideas and references handed down by Taz and Joy, Supple went to work with this ambitious project. He was given half a day to work with Joy, and then spent the remainder of the day rehearsing with the selected dancers for her music video.


It was a two-day shoot in London where Supple worked with all remaining backing and featured artists on the day. He decided that authenticity should be the main focus for all the scenes, as well as on the spot choreography and movement direction. Developing an understanding of the importance of the concept had its challenges with each department, but this was overcome through the process of good communication. One of these concepts was Joy’s embrace of her Bangladeshi heritage and modernising it with the art and culture of London, where she grew up.


The release of her debut album is expected later in 2021.


Women in Pop – “Joy Crookes has the potential to be the next British global superstar”


Choreographer: Supple Nam
Production: Compulsory films
Director: Taz Tron Delix
Artist: Joy Crookes