IKEA “Ghost”


An exciting opportunity to work with award-winning director Dougal Wilson was a something Supple could not pass by. With a strong idea and script, the film originally did not think a choreographer would be needed. But as director Dougal Wilson did his test shot it became apparent that a choreographer would add value. Supple Nam read the treatment and knew straight away what it would take to make this strong clever idea pop. The power in talent and casting was what was needed to introduce Supple’s ideas to Dougal.


Supple took the challenge to execute the idea “ghost” people in sheet dance and perform come to life. Taking every opportunity from the casting, recall, fittings/rehearsals to workshop/create and learn from the concept. Realising the complications on having dance look interesting and sell the ghost idea people under sheets, production very quickly realised the sheets getting in the way, falling off or causing a hazard. If that wasn’t enough having different fabrics and rugs from the IKEA catalogue was something costume and choreography department had to find ways to make this creative simple idea come to life.


With the commercial now out the response has been everything everyone expected.


Choreographer: Supple Nam
Director: Dougal Wilson
Production: Blink Production
Client: IKEA