Gordon’s Gin “Introducing Gordon the Boar”


Supple Nam’s contribution to the latter stages of this Gordon’s Gin campaign supplied yet another signature Supple stamp. Working with producer Georgina Fillmore and director Bjorn Ruhmann, and after an extensive casting process, the collaborative effort introduced the talent of movement artist Jami Quarrel.  Supple injected the influences of jazz itch; huffing shuffles; quirky fosse walks; as introduced and used by some legendary dancing greats including: the Nicholas brothers, Fred Astaire, Sammy Davies Jr and Gregory Hines. With the choreography and artist on-board, Supple Nam’s work began; the task – to incorporate the wearing of an animatronic, remote-controlled head while dancing, acting and flaring a perfect Gordon Gin & tonic drink – apparently seamlessly. The combining of originality in the brief and the daring choreography produced a memorable mix – inspired of course by the product.


Choreographer: Supple Nam
Director: Bjorn Ruehmann
Production Company: Blink Productions
Client: Gordon’s