Eve Sleep (Eve Mattresses) wanted to have director duo Dom and Nic from Outsider films, to create an imaginative commercial where a toy comes to life after a great night sleep.

They asked choreographer Supple Nam to help the toy come to life. Supple’s thought when conversing with the duo was ‘how fun can we make this?’
To make it more exciting to watch Dom & Nic avoided the obvious green screen approach and make this as real as possible. They super scaled the set to the ratio of the little toy, by having real people puppeteering the toy (character) and make the Sloth (toy) dance!
Discussing puppeteer options and feesable techniques, Supple went to work casting talents to fit the concept to hire a 5′- dancer and very light weight 6’1+ puppeteers that could dance.
When choreographing Supple’s drive and main focus was making the viewer smile and wanna dance. With 4 days to test, choreograph and design all 4 departments: directing, costume making, costume design and choreography got hands on. Thinking outside the box, Supple explored organic and natural ways to how a soft toy would be thrown and moved to dance by a child or someone spontaneous. Using physical theatre and dance techniques, he embraced the feeling he had when remembering “The Muppet Show” (1980).
The dancers professional approach to the costume conditions and Supple choreography demands made the shoot go smooth, exciting and fun.
The result delighted the agency and client.
Behind the scenes link https://vimeo.com/349837020
Choreographer: Supple Nam
Director: Dom&Nik
Production: Outsider
Client: Eve Sleep

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