Britain’s finest purveyors of diamond jewellery watches, Ernest Jones launched their Vera Wang diamond ring with a bang!

Director Fergus Stothart from LA and award winning choreographer Supple Nam collaborated together to create a love story of 2 people in love with the language of dance to form a bond and seal the deal with a proposal.


The creative challenge of the choreography was to have the dance demonstrate the journey of making the diamond ring as a metaphor.
Supple’s approach was to make a beautiful dance that was simple and powerful, conveying love and passion. Director Fergus shared the information of the making of the diamond ring to help Supple understand the process. Both Fergus and Supple shared the same vision: to make a beautiful dance that illustrates 2 people falling in love.
Choreographer: Supple Nam
Director: Fergus Stothart
Production: W Films
Client: Ernest Jones

Movement Genre