Cisco “Freeze”

Reunited with French Director Thierry Poiraud from Division Global – France after his long break from commercials. Coming back from shooting Films and TV, there was a lot of pressure to make this number a cool, unexpected fun and an edgy advert.


Being involved in the casting, Supple approached a few of his known talents from his agency that thought would fit the part. Working with casting directors in both France and Lithuania for all support and lead characters. Thierry and the client were happy to go with Sharifa Butterfly from the UK.


Designing and understanding the concept and each scene. Supple went to work in scripting the dance with the characters intention and environment. Going to the recce, he and 1st AD, Amin, laid out what they could of each scene in a studio space with mannequins, props, tape and string to help Sharifa and the production team see what obstacle would be best for the film and choreography. Thierry worked and observed Supple’s rehearsal, and got involved when needed. Supple and Thierry collaborated to support the film and dance.


It was vital for all departments to be aware of the choreography and that is why Amin was at all of Supple’s rehearsal overseeing what departments may need to know or be ready for the shoot. A true collaborative project that successfully delivered the aim of the advert with the chic approach.


Choreographer: Supple Nam
Director: Thierry Poiraud

Production: Division Globe
Client: Cisco