B&Q “Labeling team”


A simple idea “to have workers stock and change prices on a one wheel segway”, made easy and effective. Director Greg Brunkalla was awarded the commercial and with the help of his friend Supple Nam (Choreographer), they both collaborated. Supple’s biggest challenge for this project was to cast one wheel Segway specialists. With a very limit of people experienced on one wheel Segways in the UK. Supple had no choice to test the waters and audition while training people. With the client having their say in talent appearance, Supple had his job cut out for him. Taking on the challenge he called expert rollerskaters, circus, breakdancers, unicyclists, two segway and specific contemporary, hip-hop and modern dancers he had experience with, in the past.


The audition process definitely put all of Supple’s skills to the test and most challenging yet. Finally selecting the cast, Supple went to work in creating the choreography to make it look interesting and effective for the camera. Selling the idea that working with one wheel Segway’s makes sense and would be the most optimum and fun way to work on a nightshift changing prices when working at B&Q.


Collaborating with Greg, Supple showed and demonstrated patterns and ideas to make a fun creative way to put labels on shelves and on price stands.


Supple achieved to train and choreograph the dancers within the 3 days rehearsal, resulting in an exciting commercial for B&Q “Labelling Team”.


Choreographer: Supple Nam
Director: Greg Brunkalla
Production: Stink Production
Client: B&Q

Movement Genre