Director Lois Bhose called on Supple Nam’s expertise to work with him on his exciting controversial one shot music video idea for band Bombay Bicycle Club “Everything Else Has Gone Wrong”. Supple and Lois met together ahead of the shot day to talk through ideas and strategy approach on how to make this demanding idea work with the limited time and budget as there was no rehearsal day.


While camera and light was setting up, Supple went ahead and gave a short warmup and intense crash coarse to make the actors and singer Jack Steadman understand the concept with Lois explaining his idea and Supple the physical boundaries and demands of camera fighting.


Supple then went straight to teaching the choreography and the movement to the actors and singer Jack. Once that was set they applied it on set to the camera movements. Going step by step, Supple and Lois preparation paid off. Starting to shoot after lunch, the shoot went smoothly and a success!


To see the BTS (Behind The Scenes) in conjunction with the video go to to see how it all worked!


Choreographer: Supple Nam
Director: Louis Bhose
Production: Agile Films
Artist: Bombay Bicycle Club

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