An international collaboration of 3 heavyweight artists DJ Alok, DJ Martin Jensen and Jason Derulo who released the song “Don’t Cry For Me” through SME, UMG (on behalf of Positiva/Virgin Records DE); LatinAutor – UMPG during the pandemic lockdown in the summer of 2020. Just Fred production won the job with award-winning director duo Crooked Cynics (Tom Middleton and Jack Scott) best known for Rag ‘N’ Bones “Lay your body down video and also for their comedy and emotional films such as “The Simpson Vegan Diet”.

This was Crooked Cynics first dance project and really left them needing support from a strong experienced choreographer to work through their storytelling and emotional intention.

Producer Fred Bonham Carter contacted award winning choreographer Supple Nam to work and collaborate with director duo Crooked Cynics. Discussing the director’s story and video treatment, Supple’s enthusiastic passionate approach gave the directors confidence, and they all went straight to work.

Excited to be reunited with the talented Renako McDonalds as the lead actor/dancer for the music video, Supple choreographed and molded the story telling choreography with Renako’s strength as a dancer.

Working with the story, Crooked Cynics and Supple Nam developed the idea during the one day rehearsal, inviting the costume designer (Jen Cardo) to come and watch the developing dance routine for her to get a good grasp on the balancing act of allowing the costume to work with the movement.

The one day shoot consisted of getting a lot of shots done to tell the story. Supple worked organically as things changed because of circumstances. Dancing in an ice rink in a mascot dragon suit, Renako really had his work cut out. WIth most of the routine shot, unfortunately Renako injured his knee on the climax section of the routine, which had to make everyone think on their toes and also think of Renako’s health and safety. Crooked Cynics, as a backup, added a different shot to alter the script and had Supple assist this in his choreography and teach actor Karl Collins (The Coach character) to learn part of the routine on the spot.

The video took on a small shift from the original idea, to be a more emotional, comedic story of the mascot coach’s journey to relive his dream and past life as the original mascot handing his skills and dream down to the next generation.

Choreographer: Supple Nam
Director: Crooked Cynics

Production: Just Fred
Client: Alok, Martin Jensen, Jason Derulo Q