TWBI and Anima production (Istanbul) flew International acclaimed choreographer Supple Nam to help re-create and design the new 2017 advertising campaign for AK-Bank.
Supple Nam was involved with the initial meeting with the agency and production company Anima to come up with an idea for the relaunch of Akbank’s 2017 campaign. Supple used London dancers to start his Research and Develop (R&D)and present his ideas to the agency and production company. From his R&D young thrieving director Aytug Ungor wrote his treatment and storyboard the commercial.


Styling and set department supported Supple Nam’s distinct choreography in making everything minimal and sharp.


Kobi was voted favourite and most memorable advert of the year by the public. From the success agency TWBI have requested for Supple to choreograph the next few AK-Bank commercial.


Choreographer: Supple Nam

Director:Aytug Ungor

Production Company: Anima Istanbul

Client: Akbank