AKBANK “Hoverboard”


The demand for Supple Nam’s exciting work continues to grow across the globe and he is delighted to announce that he was invited back by TWBI and Anima production (Istanbul) to work on the latest AKBANK commercial, directed by Aytug Ungor.
This exciting project took things to a whole new with the use of the latest hover-boards. Supple Nam brainstormed many ideas before workshopping the final choreography. This was instrumental for the development of the writing, treatment and script for the advert.
Supple and Aytug collaborated very closely on the concept and choreography before presenting it to the agency. Finessed the choreography to fit the shot list and length of the commercial, refining the moves and making them as clean as possible. Supple’s use of humour as he did with all the other adverts in his choreography. He played with concepts of chairs, handshakes, greetings and tech devices to interpret the lyrics of the song used on the advert to make it relatable to the Turkish audience making it warm and applying for viewers.
The result of this commercial once again has attracted the Turkish audience to look forward to the next AKBANK commercial.
Choreographer: Supple Nam

Director:Aytug Ungor

Production Company: Anima Istanbul

Client: Akbank