Heavy weight creative team at AMV BBDO, Nichollas Hulley and Nadja Lossgott, wrote the script to “evoke that detail and power within the pint.” And create a new and unique Guinness advert.


Nadja and Nicholas felt that, “It was important that overall we were creating a modern visual spectacle that could rival the epic, iconic nature of the [Guinness] pint.”
The two creatives worked alongside director duo in/out, Thom Humphreys and Jean-Philippe Blunt who said, “We wanted an intense and visceral choreography; competitive and punchy, not just beautiful elegance. And the first person who came to mind was Supple.”
The premise of the advert became to create the unmistakable image of Guinness being poured using 40 wire-work artists. Being a creative choreographer that likes to do things differently the idea of pouring a pint of dancers really spoke to Supple. Excited with the challenge he was particularly looking forward to collaborating with in/out and talented stylist Grace Snell.
After over seeing the castings in both London and Kiev (where the advert would be shot) Supple felt he had the right team of performers. This would be key to creating the specific type of movement he wanted. Supples approach was to make something chaotic, dangerous and almost violent into something elegant and beautiful. To do this the dancers were instructed to be present and brave in their choices when performing the choreography to give a sense of excitement and danger. Supple needed them to break away from just being accurate with each step and instead take risks so that each movement was a surprise through its execution.
“My method was to always have the dancers use their intuition, once they all got my vision the rest was down to practice, practice and more practice” explains Supple.
With the help of his assistant and Kiev local, Konstantin Koval and wire stunt coordinator, Ilya Yurchishin, Supple had under a week to train and choreograph the 40 dancers and gymnasts. Just enough time to turn them from human to, in the words of Nadja and Nichollas, “An incredible liquid”.
The resulting advert, released in July, has had numerous critics raving about it.
“Supple Nam’s choreography is at its meticulously designed best, as dancers twirl and swirl their way to being poured as the perfect pint.”
– David review
“Stunningly choreographed ad for the Asian market”
– Creativityon-line.com
“A joyous celebration of the product. Bravo!”
– Alex Brownsell. Campaign live – Pick of the Week
“The hallmark pour, surge and settle of the black stuff brought to life through dance, in this beautifully choreographed spot for Guinness”
– Shots.net – Hot Shot
“Guinness spot which immortalises the hallowed process of pulling the perfect pint – the so-called ‘pour, surge and settle’ to life through gravity-defying dance”
– Shots.net – Hot Shot
“40 dancers, high wires and jaw-dropping choreography courtesy of the brilliantly-named Supple Nam”
– Shots.net – Hot Shot


Choreographer: Supple Nam
Director: in/out (Thom Humphreys and Jean-Philippe Blunt)
Production: Riff Raff
Client: Guinness

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