Volkswagen (VW) GTI “Singing in the Rain”


After securing the bid for this project, directing team NE-O from Stink Productions approached Supple Nam to choreograph Volkswagen’s GTI commercial. Approached with the daring concept: ‘remix a classic’, Supple boldly took the challenge, choosing the legendary dance icon Gene Kelly, to make the statement. This was a risk that paid off. Super imposing Gene Kelly’s face on the dancers, the technique was the first of its kind. A challenge of choreography was to stretch the boundaries towards the re-creation of Gene Kelly, the ultimate dancer. Neo and Supple scouted and cast dancers internationally.


Supple Nam worked with dancers David Elsewhere, Donnie Count AKA legend B-boy ‘Crumbs’ and J-Walker. Supple’s aim was to make the dance organic, fresh and create an exciting twist on a classic by doing something dynamic and previously unseen.


The commercial for Volkswagen Golf GTI “Singing in The Rain” went on to win multiple international awards including the Bronze Lion at the Cannes Film Festival and an individual award for Supple Nam – “Most Innovative Choreography in TV/Adverts”.


Choreographer: Supple Nam

Director: NE-O

Production Company: Stink

Featured dancers: David Elsewhere (USA), Donnie Count AKA B-boy ‘Crumbs’ (USA) and J-Walker (UK)