Years and Years “Meteorite”


When the exciting treatment by Olly Wolf was accepted, to make a dance concept video for the pop group sensation Year’s and Year’s brand new single “Meteorite”,  Executive Music Video Producer Ore (Caviar Films) did not hesitate and was adamant in getting international multi award winning choreographer Supple Nam on board!


At first Supple was unavailable due to his busy working schedule, however Caviar Films kept persisting and were determined to get him involved!  The production company approached Supple a second and then a third time with new dates , and eventually after resolving a few conflicts in his hectic calendar, managed to excuse himself, and make himself available for the Year’s and Year’s video.


With Supple Nam’s working history with the band, he was ecstatic to get creative again with Olly, Mikey and Emre. The fact that the video treatment was very different to the two he previously choreographed (“Shine-Ch4 interactive exclusive & “Desired”), made the whole concept and creative experience even more appealing and exciting for him! After the controversial concept video “Desire” was received so well and got the whole industry talking, Supple knew he had to live up to his great reputation and create something ‘cutting edge’ reputation.


Now with all systems go, Supple Nam and Singer Olly Alexander kicked it off with committing to a one on one, private choreography session. Supple created and choreographed the dance around Olly to really show off and enhance his movement and performance skills, taking it to the next level to impress his viewers and fans.


With the choreography all set on Olly, Supple Nam started the casting process, auditioning over 200 dancers with his team. Supple Nam finally selected 20 dancers to make this epic dance video. With only one day rehearsal, Supple Nam had the demanding task of teaching and choreographing the dance to the dancers.


As usual to all shoots, some unexpected obstacles arose that had to be tackled (slightly restricted set and costumes), Supple Nam had to adjust the choreography on Olly Alexander and the dancers allowing it to still be executed to a high standard whilst also allowing space for the Steady-cam operator, and enabling  the epic vision of this video to still be fulfilled. Supple’s contagious choreography (along with a little persuasion from Supple himself!) even convinced Emre and Mikey to join in and he taught them the dance on the day of the shoot!


This video can now be viewed on all social media and a glimpse of the making of the video is also out.


Choreographer: Supple Nam
Director: Olly Wolf

Production: Caviar Films
Artist: Years and Years


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