Watch The Duck “There You Are”


Band Watch The Duck approached Supple Nam to be involved in the 2nd single There You Are from their forth coming album “i am OTHER” under (Pharrell Williams label) and Interscope Records LA. Supple was invited to LA to choreograph and co-direct with Eddie Smith III and DP Christephor Pilarski. The collaborative team worked on location, cast and ideas from Watch The Ducks creative team’s treatment. For this project, professional dancers were not cast but rather dance enthusiasts.


With an ambitious plan and full determination Supple prepped the whole choreography in London before travelling to LA. Supple worked the moves for Jesse Rankins (Singer) and taught the routine to his L.A. assistant Erin Gray, and the pair split into 2 teams to teach the dance routine to the cast and Jesse. In the following 6-7 hours the cast to had 2 different chorus routines & Jesse’s entire solo performance ready for shooting the next day.


With a small film crew doubling up as cast members the day started slow but like all shoots momentum picked up.


A daring and exciting project, Band members of Watch The Duck Eddie Smith III, Jesse Rankins and Oscar White III with Artistic Director Dre’ Price were delighted on the result, resulting in another interesting choreography music video to lift the hearts of people to make them wanna dance.


Choreographer: Supple Nam
Director: Eddie Smith III, Supple Nam, Christephor Pilarski
Artist: Watch The Duck