PS4 “The Wonderful Life of a PS4 Player


Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. had a vision to create a PS4 commercial with the tag line “The Wonderful Life of a PS4 Player”.  The project was awarded to director, Bjorn Ruehmann from Blink Production, Winner of Best Production Company, 2015 British Arrow Awards. The remit was to try involve as many game characters, gaming entities and corporations into this one commercial as possible. In order to accomplish this vision great effort was taken to refine the concept ensuring  the “Wonderful Life as a PS4 Player” tag line could come to life as a commercial. Director Bjorn and Blink production requested internationally award winning choreographer Supple Nam to facilitate the huge task of choreographing and managing the dance and movement for this amazing project.


Bjorn and Supple Nam quickly got to work identifying the lead dancer, Supple’s expertise lead him to make the creative choice of using a strong hip hop disciplined dancer to take the audience on a journey through dance, wonder and imagination in a day of the life for  “The Wonderful Life of a PS4 Player” tag line.


Supple Nam and his casting department invited the best potential dancers to a private auditionand were delighted to find a suitable candidate for the lead role as well as one supporting dancer. The decision to shoot the commercial in Romania then meant that Supple Nam, Bjorn and producer Ewen flew to Romania to audition/cast local support and dancers there.


Supple Nam prepared and refined his choreography to best suit the set and the confirmed talents ability and intense rehearsals followed; one day in London with the main dancer and  3-4 days in Romania. Throughout the final phases of preparation, tweaks and refinements to the choreography were made to ensure the vision of project was fully accomplished. Supple usedlocal assistant to communicate to the Romanian support dancers and extras on set and help him accomplish the desired outcome.


Choreographer: Supple Nam

Director: Bjorn Ruehmann

Production: Blink
Client: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc



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