International critically acclaimed dance electro artist M.I.A (Missing in Action) worked on her music video “Jimmy” with choreographer Supple Nam and director Nez (Nezar Khammal). Being her second single of her second album “Kala”, M.I.A wanted to come out with something different from her other videos. Having already been nominated for an Academy Award, two Grammy Awards and the Mercury Prize, artist M.I.A wanted to push her creative kudos with an innovative dance routine that could stand out among all the other pop artists.


With its distinct 1970’s pop sound “Jimmy” gained traction on the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Charts, UK Indie Charts as well as great commercial success in Greece and Japan, listed number 5 on the Top 50 songs of 2007 through Stylus Magazine.


Choreographer: Supple Nam

Director: Nezar Khammal

Production Company: Colonel Blimp

Artist: M.I.A