Ian Brown “Sister Rose”


Supple Nam and Pulse Film worked with multi-award winning former front man of The Stone Roses, Ian Brown, on his pop video “Sister Rose”.  Supple was asked to choreograph a fusion of martial art styles to make the music video stand out from the rest in its time. In supporting the contemporary lyrics of the song, the music director, Colin O’Toole came up with strong visual ideas that invoked Bruce Lee and other classic martial art films which were adopted by Supple.


Supple cast martial artist specialists from different backgrounds, age and sex to fit Colin’s ambitious concept to finally selecting martial artist Philli Phlip, Shi Hent Xuan and Kieran Edmonds. Choreographing the moves to camera as well as scene scenarios using weapons as well as free form, Supple contributed to the success of the pop video. Artist Ian Brown later invited Supple to get involved in his 2007 tour supporting his fifth studio album, “The World is Yours”.


Choreographer: Supple Nam

Director: Colin O’Toole

Production Company: Pulse

Artist: Ian Brown