Hula Hoop Crisps “CORE”


World renowned choreographer Supple Nam has teamed up with director Ninian Doff once again, on another creative and fun commercial for Hula Hoop crisps.


Supple Nam began work shopping a variety of movements immediately using his fingers and body to conceptualise the vision of the commercial. A simple, yet demanding project had Supple Nam audition talent, such as dancers and finger models all over the United Kingdom to bring Ninian Doff and his vision to life.


With the right team at his finger tips, Supple Nam and Ninian Doff began rehearsals and exploring options to create the strongest choreography suited to the concept and the clients expectations.
Hula Hoop “Core” is one of 2 commercials, in the Hula Hoop crisp campaign. Keep an eye out for commercial 2, carrying on this concept. Choreographed by Supple Nam and directed by Ninian Doff.


Choreographer: Supple Nam
Director: Ninian Doff

Production: Pulse Films
Client: KP Snacks