“Flirty Dancing”, a new Channel 4 dance dating TV show, hosted by Ashley Banjo from Diversity, commissioned some adverts to promote the show. Multi-award winning choreographer Supple Nam was asked to work on a split-screen, one shot dance sequence where two dancers from two different worlds meet at the end to make a single, unified world.

Casting dancers all over London and the UK, Supple and director William Clark put together a shortlist of dancers to explore the chemistry between the dancers as a couple. The process required pushing the dancers to see what they could bring to the choreography.

With one rehearsal day in London and a half day recce/rehearsal at location in Manchester. Supple tweaked the timing of the choreography to fit the environment and steady cam. The shoot day ran smoothly with Supple finessing the performance and helping the actor/dancers bring the story to life in line with William Clarks vision.

Choreographer: Supple Nam
Director: William Clark
Production: Channel 4
TV Show: Flirty Dancing

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