Liverpool One “I Think Im Gonna Like It Here”

Chief TV Productions approached international renown choreographer Supple Nam to choreograph and cast direct the Liverpool One shopping Mall 2016 christmas commercial.

After a lengthy process, director Nate Camponi treatment was approved and ready to shoot, international choreography Supple Nam re-read the brief and treatment with its minor tweaks. Supple Nam decided to move towards a musical theatre route in choreography with its modern twists. Using vintage jazz steps with lindy hop influence.

Holding casting in London and Manchester, Supple Nam and production went 10 dancers from his London casting and actors from Manchester casting.

With 2 days of rehearsal to cover multiple scenes, Supple filled the commercial with full of life and excitement. Thrilling the client and production with his fine ideas, intricate details yet complex well finessed choreography. The commercial “I Think Im Gonna Like it Here” Liverpool 1 2016 christmas commercial has become a hit.

Choreographer: Supple Nam

Director: Nate Camponi

Production: Chief Productions
Client: Liverpool One

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