Barclays “Lets Go Forward” Commercial

Colonel Blimp Production contacted international award winning choreographer Supple Nam with an exciting tricky treatment for 2 Barclays Bank commercial “Springboard” and “Life Skills”, based on the concept of going back into time to have a second chance.

With the actors already selected for their acting ability, Supple’s challenge was to go through the casting tape, work out and analyse the actors movement ability.

Given 3 days to prep and choreograph, Supple Nam choreographed all the on screen actors to move backwards while the main actor on each commercial moved normal (forward), which would then be reversed as seen on the final edit.

The shoot went smoother then everyone expected thanks to Supple’s approach at rehearsal, his articulate eye and positive attitude on set with the actors.

Both commercial can be seen on Supple’s choreographer edit of the commercial.

Choreographer: Supple Nam

Director: Truman & Cooper

Production Company: Colonel Blimp

Client: Barclays

Movement Genre